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EMC World Conference - 2011

May 9 - 11

At this conference, I slowly began to realize one of the things I subconsciously enjoy, conversations. Not the ordinary ones filled with little to no meaning, in fact these were the complete opposite. This conference became the gathering place of around 800 intellectual potential investors, investors from all over the world. I literally went from talking to a German software engineer to a Italian computer programmer, to two fathers from the Philippines, to a French CEO who wanted to move to Nice, to a guy studying at MIT’s Sloan grad program (so jealous!) within an hour. 

How I connected to these people so fast, I don’t even know. Maybe it’s travel experience, maybe it’s because I really loved the conversations, or it could just be a good dose of oxytocin. 

If I could do this for a living, I would.

Travel, meet, talk, and share knowledge. Although I’m back in SoCal swamped in finals, unfinished essays, random homework assignments, etc. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

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